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Composer & Pianist

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Andy Iorio uses the piano as a time machine. Through his beautiful and intensely personal music that occupies three wonderful albums (so far), Andy can transport the listener forward and back in time. Memories. Experiences. Even visions of the future can be accessed through his music which lives in a world without style, genre, or easy description. You just need to experience it. Andy says that music is like photographs filled with feelings, memories and echoes of events gone by. By any measure, music that paints a picture from the past, present or future on your heart is miraculous.

Long before Andy earned a BA in composition at the Berklee College of Music, a curious 5-year-old sat on his mother’s piano bench inspired by an idea that had heard on an episode of “Fraggle Rock”: everyone has their own song. You just need to find it. Thirty-five years later, Andy Iorio is still looking for his song and the world is a richer and more beautiful place because of it.

In a world filled with piano music, Andy distinguishes himself by being willing to explore the outer edges of the heart in music. Legendary music reviewer RJ Lannan said it best when he wrote: "Andy lorio is the best kind of alchemist, perfectly blending classical elements with contemporary components to achieve a sound that is pleasing on multiple levels. Black & white to the eye, but to the ear, the heart, and the soul they have about a million shades of emotion. His evocative performances are what the soul needs from time to time to rejuvenate.”


1. 3x HMMA Award Nominee
2. Over 2 million streams across ALL platforms
3. Music streamed in 144 countries
4. College Lecturer
5. Composed score for "The Perfect Color" in 2013
6. Quarter Finalist in Audacy's "Opening Act 2022"

6 Facts About Andy:

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