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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy Iorio and listening to his music for over 20 years. Andy's sense of melodic exploration is something I've always noticed and appreciated. The care that goes into each of his compositions as well as his mature and skillful piano performances makes for a refreshing and joyful experience..."  Matthew Margeson – Film Composer (Kingsman, Rocketman)

“Andy Iorio’s music has the ability to arc across time, space and our hearts. There is no style or genre. It’s just HIS music. In his hands, the piano ceases to be a wood and metal box - - it is an orchestra…”  Michael Whalen - Emmy® Award Winning Composer and Recording Artist

 “Andy Iorio is a stunning artist who's soul resonates through each key of the piano. His music takes you on spellbinding adventures through engaging compositions that make you want to listen to his album on repeat! "Awakening" is a true masterpiece, beautifully orchestrated and touches a chord with each emotion of the heart…”  Alexa Ray - Award Winning Vocalist and Recording Artist

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