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"After The Rain" (2014)
"II" (2015)
"Awakening" (2019)

"After The Rain gives quiet impressions of serenity. The pieces carry simple, delicate tonality that distinguishes the music. It's harmonies, fluid and controlled, run towards something both bare and natural. It's as a metronome keeps your time, as the notes advance, we find ourselves drawn into  synchronicity with the piece."

Apple Music Review

“Capturing an elegant balance of shadow and light, Andy Iorio has demonstrated a keen ability to convey often dramatic emotional expressions within a generally subtle and perfectly understated musical framework. Overall II is a superbly crafted album”  Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio

Andy Iorio’s goal has always been “to engage, inspire and underscore the emotional connections between people and to compose music that speaks a universal soul-stirring language that…resonates within all of us.” He has succeeded well with "Awakening."  Kathy Parsons - Mainly Piano

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